About Folder Security

Network Drives

Folder Security is the only software program that supports network drives. However, please note the program does not protect entire drives; it protects folders on the drives.

Folders password-protected but not locked

You can password protect folders located on network drives. However, these folders are not locked -- this means they can be renamed or removed from the drive.

If you know the password, you can open the protected folders via the network. Please note that Folder Security must be installed on the local PC as it's not a stand-alone application.

Unprotected folders do not differ from other folders on the PC, so any user can access them via the network if she/he has enough rights.

If the drive is not connected

You can see all the protected folders in the Folder Security list. If you try to unprotect a folder located on a network drive when the drive is not connected, Folder Security will display an error message.

If you remove the folder from the Folder Security list, you still can unprotect it. Folder Security supports Windows Explorer. To unprotect a folder, double-click it in Windows Explorer and enter your password (Folder Security must be installed on PC).

Folder Security works under Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, ME, 98. Upgrades are free. You should buy the full version of Folder Security and password protect your folders now so that others do not mess up with your files.